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Sliding scale information

If you believe you are in need of sliding scale fees, use the descriptions below to begin to determine where you think you fit. We will collaborate together to explore this and determine an appropriate rate.

  1. I am generally able to meet all of my core needs as well as those of my dependents, if applicable. I am able to spend money on non-essentials occasionally and/or with a bit of re-budgeting. 

  2. I am able to meet my needs and the needs of my dependents, if applicable. I can spend on non-essentials on a regular basis.

  3. I can meet my needs and those of my dependents, if applicable. I comfortably spend on non-essentials. I own assets, have savings, and/or have investments. 

  4. I could comfortably pay the top rate for any of these services without thinking twice about it. If this is you, pay at the full price level. I also invite you to sponsor a spot for someone who is in financial need.

  5. I am consistently at risk of not meeting my basic needs and those of my dependents (if applicable), or I experience frequent disruptions to my financial stability. If either of these is you, please get in touch with me, and we can discuss options.



*adapted from Elinor Predota

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