Fees and insurance

Notes on Insurance and Fees

I am currently out of network with all insurance companies. 

If you wish to bill out-of-network through your insurance provider, I can help you with the reimbursement process. Please note that reimbursement is never guaranteed, and you will be responsible for the up-front full session fee if you go this route. 

You can read about how to call your insurance company and what questions to ask by clicking here.


I do not bill insurance at all for group therapy or couples therapy at this time. 

Therapy is a significant investment of your time, energy, and money. I am committed to your investment to greater connection and well-being and will provide intentional attention to your growth. Please see below for the fee schedule.


Fee Schedule

Individual Counseling

Intake Session (60 minutes):                         $140

50 minute follow-up session:                       $125

Couples Counseling

Intake (60-75 minutes):                            $160

55-minute session:                                   $145

90-minute session:                                   $210

Group Therapy

Group Therapy sessions range in cost from $20-60, dependent upon group member numbers and group focus. Please inquire for more information.