Couples & relationship counseling

*NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS* Email me if you would like to be added to my waitlist.

Areas of Focus


I work with couples and relationships of all types, though I specialize in working with queer relationships, including those in relationships in which at least one partner is non-cisgender. I do not limit my practice to traditionally paired couples and work with folks in non-traditional, non-monogamous, open, poly, and other relationship constellations.

Below are some of the concerns that people bring to me:​

  • communication issues

  • need for deeper connection

  • sexual concerns

  • infidelity

  • pre-marital counseling and/or moving in together

  • intentional uncoupling and/or divorce

  • patterns of fighting and bickering

  • healing past wounds

  • gender and sexuality exploration

  • considering opening up a relationship

I am informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), developed by Sue Johnson. EFT is a collaborative approach informed by attachment science and theory that allows you to attune to yours and each other's emotions, recognize patterns, and reorganize your patterned responses to be ones of mutual connection and benefit. I also integrate some of the basics of the Gottman Method into my work with relationships and am always informed by Gestalt therapy.


I tend to take a very active approach with my couples/relationships, and we will engage in experiential, present-focused exercises in order to learn new ways of being. 

Fees and Session Length

Intake sessions last about 60 minutes at a rate of $175. These are one-time sessions unless you are a returning client with at least 4 months between the new intake and your last session with me.

Follow-up Sessions last 55 minutes at a rate of $160 or 85 minutes at a rate of $235. The 85 minute sessions can provide longer processing time for us to work together and are more cost-effective.

Please note that for relationship configurations of more than 3 people, sessions will be 90 minutes in length, and I will charge a per person flat fee of $75 per person.