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I have current openings for couples and relationship work. I am no longer accepting individuals in my practice. 

Couples &

relationship counseling

I help people develop better communication and deeper connection in their relationships. I work with all types of romantic and/or sexual relationships, not just couples. Read more by clicking below. 

group therapy

Group therapy can be one of the best forms of treatment for many common concerns. I encourage you to click on the button below to learn more about this powerful (and economical) method.

Trainings &


I have extensive experience in developing and leading trainings for groups, including clinicians. I also occasionally create outings with a particular focus. Click below to find out more and to book me for a training or sign up for an outing.  


My Approach

At the foundation of my therapeutic work is a belief that the answers you are searching for are already within you. My job is to help you dig them out. 

I pull primarily from relational, attachment-based, and collaborative approaches in my work. Though this lends itself to longer-term therapeutic exploration, I also have significant experience in short-term, solution-focused counseling.

Our relationship is important in facilitating your healing. It is crucial that you feel like we are a good fit. Read more about my approach by exploring the Services tab, or reach out to me via the form under the Contact tab if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. 

About Me

Sam Pranger Silvaine, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
pronouns: they/them


Learn more about who I am and why I do this work by clicking on the link below. 

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